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Magento is believed to be the most sophisticated platform for any online business owner. Because it’s sophisticated, it comes with a lot of SEO issues coming from optimizing your e-commerce website, as well as technical practices. While some of these Magento SEO issues can be fixed easily, most will require that you solicit the services of a web developer. Let’s check out the issues down here:
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Magento e-commerce website builder comes with page speed issues

Any SEO expert can tell you that a slow e-commerce website can affect user experience and the abilities of search engines to crawl it. Typically, Magento is one of the slowest e-commerce platforms due to its sophistication. Therefore, if you plan to build your e-commerce website with it, there are steps you’ll need to take to make sure your organic performance isn’t impacted by the slow speed of the platform. Here are things you need to do to fix the problem: Disable Magento logs that are set by default. Also, you can fix it by making use of a well-configured server that comes with enough RAM, choosing a content delivery network (CDN) and thoroughly compressing front end images and assets. You can implement these fixes before and after setting up your e-commerce website.

 Magento e-commerce websites builder comes with issues with product pages

While you can present your product information in a robust way with Magento, the product pages, as well as URLs aren’t set up with the best SEO practices in mind. In fact, Magento sites tend to duplicate content and meta information for product pages, especially if you’re creating simple product pages with various colors and sizes. To fix this issue, make use of canonical tags that tell search engines which is the main page and which is the duplicate of the main page.
The structure of product URLs is another SEO problem that comes with Magento. Typically, Magento platform sets up a page URL that encompasses categories, as well as subcategories. This is good because it helps with the optimization of each URL. However, if your e-commerce website has products with numerous categories, you might have duplication and indexation bloat problems. To fix this issue, start out setting your e-commerce website the right way. You should then turn on notifications that will tell Magento eCommerce platform to only utilize top-level product URLs. If your e-commerce website is already up and running, use canonical tags to point the platform to the main product page.
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 Magento e-commerce solutions provider allows indexing of search page

Magento e-commerce platform’s catalog pages are typically indexed by search engines, especially Google. This can result in impact crawlability and an indexation bloat. To fix indexation bloat, add noindex. If crawling your site by search engines is the issue, add the whole section to the robot text file.
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URL rewrites is another issue faced with Magento e-commerce solutions provider

This is one of the most prevalent SEO issues faced with business people that have their e-commerce websites built on Magento. Essentially, Magento sets up product and category URLs that normally change back to the initial catalog path and duplicate URLs that are based on page titles. You can fix this problem by keeping tabs on them and blocking the using the robots text file.
Numerical appendages to URL is another typical URL rewrite problem. Magento usually adds a number at the end of each URL that is in use. But rewrites replaces the URL without changing it. You can fix this problem by getting rid of rewrites from the rewrite table.


Experts recommend that you fix these problems in time to make sure they don’t affect the SEO prospects of your e-commerce sites. If you are looking to build your e-commerce website with the Magento or Shopify e-commerce platforms, be sure to work with an SEO specialist to help you solve these problems.


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